02 – 50ft Fall and Fake Passports

September 22, 2019

On this episode we chat about some insane travel stories in the news! From being detained in Iran for flying a drone to falling off a 50 foot waterfall (and somehow surviving?), we’re bringing you the craziest headlines from the travel section.

Then Christine tells Jules the story of a Chinese tourist who reports his wallet missing and ends up in a refugee center in Germany, and Jules tells Christine about how two complete strangers end up on a world trip together.

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01 – Bali Boy and the Dreaded KL Airport

September 22, 2019

Ever wanted to pull a Home Alone 2 and take a secret solo trip as a 12 year old? Ever wonder what it would be like to live in airport for 7 months? On the inaugural episode, Jules and Christine are getting into some of the craziest travel stories you’ve ever heard.

We also cover what happens when you try to smuggle over 5,000 turtles and how a couple was detained at Kuala Lumpur airport for a missing passport stamp.

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00 – Meet the Crew – Not So Bon Voyage Trailer

September 18, 2019

Welcome to the Not So Bon Voyage podcast, featuring Jules and Christine from the award winning travel blog Don’t Forget To Move!

In this preview episode, Jules and Christine give you a sneak peek into the crazy stories they’ll be discussing on this comedic travel podcast. New episodes out weekly.