41 -The Yossi Ghinsberg Story: Jaguars, Hidden Treasure and Jungle Survival


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We kick off this week’s episode with a #WheresHelen update! Jules’ mom still has not tuned in to our podcast, so she has one more week before we call her live on air to explain herself! The clock is ticking Helen!

And guess what…. travel is finally starting to kick up again and we can’t wait to share the travel news!


Songshan Airport and Flights to Nowhere

The Songshan Airport in Taiwan is catering to traveler’s desires to feel like they’re going on a trip. They are offering 90 people a day the opportunity to pretend that they’re going on vacation. These “travelers” will be taken on a half day tour of the airport, including a fake immigration experience, as well as a chance to board and disembark the plane.

The catch? They’re not actually going anywhere! This experience gives new travelers a chance to practice the process of going through customs and learn how to properly enter and exit a plane. Sounds like a big tease if you ask us! If you’re interested click here to learn more about Songshan Airport’s flights to nowhere.


Taiwan flights to nowhere


Kathy Sullivan Visit the Deepest Part of the World

Kathy Sullivan may be one of the coolest adventurers we’ve ever talked about on this podcast. Back in 1984, she was the first American woman to walk in space. And as of last Sunday, she is now the first person to reach the deepest known spot in the ocean. Kathy is a 68 year old astronaut and oceanography who went on a 35,810 foot dive to the Challenger Deep, which is what they call the deepest point in the ocean near Guam. You go girl! Learn more about Kathy Sullivan’s story here.


Yossi Ghinsberg Amazon survival


Yossi Ghinsberg and His Amazon Survival Story

It’s Jules’ time to shine this week and he’s back with another doozy of a story! This week Jules is telling us the true story of the 2017 film Jungle with Daniel Radcliff. Jungle is the crazy survival story of Yossi Ghinsberg, a young Isreali backpacker in the Amazon jungle of Bolivia. Yossi meets a group of three other travelers and ends up on a wild adventure through one of the most dangerous landscapes in the world.

This story has it all – travel, treasure hunts, mischievous international criminals and nail-biting twists and turns.

You can read Yossi Ghinsberg’s Amazon survival story here.

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