Our Worst Traveling Mishaps: 50th Episode Special


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Welcome to the celebratory 50th episode of the Not So Bon Voyage podcast!! This podcast has been a journey and we’re so happy to have you Voyagers along for the ride. We’ve had a blast connecting with our listeners and hearing your stories of travel mishaps. This podcast wouldn’t be anything without you, so thank you for supporting us over the past 50 episodes!

On today’s episode we’re celebrating this milestone with something a bit different. We’ll both be answering our “Not So Fab 5” questions! We wanted to take some time to reminisce about our best traveling mishaps that we haven’t gotten to chat about on the podcast yet. Enjoy!


Worst Thing We’ve Ever Eaten

We’ve eaten quite a few odd things during our travels but to be honest we’ve enjoyed almost all of them! Christine chats about the typhoid chicken soup we had in San Cristobal, Mexico back when we were die-hard vegetarians. Then Jules talks about boiled pigskin soup and suspicious “pasta” in Peru that turns out to be something very different….


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Least Favorite Country We’ve Visited

We know this is a controversial question to answer because everyone has their own personal experiences that affect their impression of a country. Christine talks about her not so great times in Cambodia including bed bugs and gnarly migraine. Then Jules shares his take on why Bulgaria wasn’t his favorite country. Please don’t hate us!


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Most Overrated Landmark

While we can usually find something redeeming about every landmark or attraction we visit, there are a couple of disappointing ones that stand out in our minds. Besides the obvious choices of the Mona Lisa or Times Square, Christine chats about the disappointment of the Moulin Rouge. Then Jules and Christine chat about how the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a huge letdown.


Worst Place We’ve Ever Slept

Anyone who has backpacked for an extended period of time knows that you end up sleeping in some wacky places! We reminisce about our dirty hostel in Cambodia, bed bugs in Nicaragua and an airport floor in Colombia. 


traveling mishaps stories

Have We Ever Pooped Our Pants?

The most infamous question on our podcast finally gets turned back on us. Find out if either of us have pooped our pants while traveling. Christine tells a ‘will she or won’t she’ horror story from a van trip in Colorado, and Jules tells a hilarious story of peeing in a strange spot in Colombia.

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