11 – Will Smith Taken Hostage The Tahitian Stalker (Hostel Horrors 2)

We’re bringing it back with another hostel party voyagers! That’s right, it’s Hostel Horror Stories part 2! This time we tell the crazy hostel stories of listeners and friends.

Christine kicks off the episode with a story from a buddy and fellow travel blogger Jarryd from Nomadasaurus and his experience with the SWAT team at Canada’s biggest party hostel. Remember, the moral of the story: Never fuck with the pigeons!

Then Jules reminds Christine of the days when they used to exchange blog reviews for hostel stays and their crazy experience at a hostel in Koh Lanta, Thailand. They were woken up by a drunk hostel owner who accused them of a having a fake blog. Whatever that means??

For our main stories, Jules tells Christine about the time Will Smith (his friend, not the famous actor) got taken hostage at a hostel in Cartagena, Colombia. Luckily no one was hurt, but the hostel was shut down briefly after to improve security. As we promised on the episode, here are Will’s photos from the terrible night:

hostel horrors Colombia

bad hostel stories travel

Colombia hostel stories

Colombia hostel robbery

Finally, Christine tells Jules the story of Lauren from Never Ending Footsteps and “the Creepiest Dude in Tahiti.” This story goes from funny to seriously creepy. Thank you to Lauren for letting us tell her story on air, and we’re glad you got out of there safe! Definitely check out Lauren’s blog, and read her “13 Most Ridiculous Hostel Experiences” to hear more crazy stories from her hostel days (including the sex pest story!)

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