39 – A Wild Ride Through Bolivia: Voyager Chat with Amanda Kingsmith and Ryan Ferguson


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It’s our fourth Voyager Chat and this week we’re sitting down with Amanda Kingsmith and Ryan Ferguson, a traveling couple from Alberta, Canada. They host the World Wanderers podcast, where they talk about their own adventures and interview guests about their travels.

We kick off this episode, as usual, with our “Not So Fab 5 Questions.” We hear about Amanda’s struggle eating boiled hot dogs in Bolivia (for days straight) and why Ryan isn’t rushing back to a particular hostel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


Amanda Kingsmith Ryan Ferguson


Then Amanda and Ryan get into their favorite Not So Bon Voyage story. They chat about their wild ride from La Paz, Bolivia to Rurrenabaque, a village in the Amazon jungle. Amanda and Ryan knew that they were in for some adventure, like swimming with pink dolphins and cruising down the Amazon river. What they didn’t expect was just how crazy the actual trip out to the village would be. From the tiny plane to the sketchy 4×4 that was barely hanging by a shoelace, they were in for one wild ride.


Here’s what we chat about:

[4:15] Eating reheated hotdogs in Bolivia for three days

[9:20] Mount Rushmore is overrated

[13:25] Why a $5 hostel in Cambodia isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

[24:00] Taking a tiny plane out to the Amazon jungle

[29:00] The 4×4 ride from hell


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You can learn more about Amanda Kingsmith and Ryan Ferguson from the World Wanderers Podcast.

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