34 – Traveling With Lyme Disease: Voyager Chat with Jeremy Scott Foster


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If you haven’t heard, we’ve started a whole new series on the Not So Bon Voyage podcast! We’re still chatting about when stuff goes wrong on the road, but now we’re hearing it directly from the travelers!

Every Thursday on our new “Voyager Chat” series, we’ll be bringing on some incredible guests. They’ll range from travel influencers to journalists, entrepreneurs to comedians, and everyone in between! What do they have in common? They all have an epic story of a time their travels went completely wrong. And they’re going to tell us all about it!


Jeremy Scott Foster travel blogger


On our second Voyager Chat our guest is fellow travel blogger Jeremy Scott Foster. Jeremy is the man behind TravelFreak, an adventure travel blog that has everything you need to get started traveling. From destination guides and travel tips, to gear reviews and amazing travel insights.

Jeremy is a self proclaimed open book and he doesn’t hold anything back during this interview! Right off the bat we learn that Jeremy is not a fan of snail soup and that he had an unfortunate accident in Walmart. He chats with us about the hilarious time he went traveling with an Instagram model. The only problem? She didn’t speak a word of English!

Then we dive deep into some of the more serious challenges he’s faced while traveling, including being ghosted for his dream job, but gaining a career as a successful travel blogger.

Jeremy also opens up about getting diagnosed with Lyme disease. He chats about traveling with Lyme disease and how it has affected both his life and his career.


traveling with Lyme disease Jeremy Scott Foster


Here’s what we chat about:

[2:44] Eating snail soup in Vietnam

[10:15] Blind travel date disaster with a non-English speaking Instagram model

[19:30] Cliff jumping with crazy Russians in Greece

[22:00] The upside of losing a dream job

[28:05] Being diagnosed with Lyme disease

[36:00] Learning how to live and work with Lyme disease


You can learn more about Jeremy Scott Foster and TravelFreak here:

TravelFreak website

TravelFreak on Instagram

TravelFreak on Twitter

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