44 – Surviving Malaria in Liberia with Sarah Dodd from Nomadic Dreamer


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We’re back with another Voyager Chat this week! But first, if you missed our Monday show, definitely give that a listen. We chat about why the Into the Wild bus is on the move and Christine tells a story of hidden treasure hunts that have tragic ends. Listen up here: The Deadly Quest for a $2,000,000 Treasure Chest

Now back to our Voyager Chat! Our guest Sarah Dodd, aka the Nomadic Dreamer, is a world traveler, inspirational speaker and personal development coach. She’s traveled to 121 countries solo has plans to visit every country in the world. She documents her travels on her Instagram page, 1nomadicdreamer. Sarah is a true adventurer traveler who is never misses the opportunity to get off the beaten track. She avoids crowded tourist traps at all costs and loves being the only traveler in a place so she can truly get to know the local community. As you can guess, Sarah’s traveling style has lead to some epic adventurers and some really crazy not so bon voyages!


sarah dodd nomadic dreamer


First, we kick off the episode with our “Not So Fab 5” questions. We learn about Sarah’s experience eating balut (fertilized egg embryo) in the Philippines and why she’s not such a big fan of the Eiffel Tower. She also tells us about some interesting sleeping situations she’s gotten herself into while Couchsurfing and why it was all a positive experience!

Then Sarah gets into her main stories. She tells us about the time she got malaria in Liberia. Getting sick abroad is never fun but it’s especially scary when you’re by yourself! After feeling terrible Sarah finally dragged herself to a clinic where the doctors told her she was basically on death’s door. 


nomadic dreamer


Then she tells us about the time she got caught between the border crossings of Togo and Ghana in West Africa, with neither country letting her enter! Not wanting to get stuck in a border town alone after dark, she had to use some quick thinking and a bit of luck to get out of that tricky situation!

Here’s what we chat about:

[5:00] Eating balut in the Philippines

[11:00] Overrated landmarks around the world

[20:30] Coming down with Malaria in Liberia

[30:50] Getting stuck between two borders in Western Africa!


You can learn more about Sarah Dodd:

1NomadicDreamer Instagram

Nomadic Dream Website


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