25 – Deranged Monkeys and The Ultimate Russian Travel Conspiracy

It’s official, we’re on lockdown here in the Bay Area! We can’t travel at the moment, but we’re still bringing you some of the best travel disasters we’ve ever heard. Travel stories this week include starving monkeys on the loose, Corona cruise update and a Russian travel conspiracy.

First up in the news we give an update on the Princess Cruise ship that was stuck in the Bay Area for a week with quarantined passengers on board. Did they make it off the ship, and if so, are their conditions even any better than being stuck on board?


crazy monkeys in Lopburi Thailand


Next we’ve got crazy monkeys in Thailand! With the sudden decline in tourism around the world, now no one is visiting the Lopburi monkey temple in Thailand, so the monkeys aren’t being fed. Whoever thought that feeding wild animals wouldn’t have a negative impact… check out this video. When we feed wild animals they get used to our presence, so when we’re no longer there they suffer. The point of the story, don’t feed the animals!


Yeti caught on camera


For our main story Christine jumps into one of our wildest tales yet! It’s got crazy Russian conspiracies, Yeti sightings and so much more! It’s the story of Dyatlov’s Pass and it’s a whopper! The photo above was found on the hiker’s film roll, supposedly of a Yeti.

For more information on Dyatlov’s Pass check out Astonishing Legends: Dyatlov Pass

Part 1: https://www.astonishinglegends.com/al-podcasts/2017/2/6/ep023-dyatlov-pass-part-1

Part 2: https://www.astonishinglegends.com/al-podcasts/2017/2/6/ep024-dyatlov-pass-part-2

On a similar related topic we chat about a video captured by snowboarders high up on the slopes of Squamish in British Colombia, Canada. What do you think, is this Yeti real? Video of snowboarders spotting Yeti in B.C. Canada.

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