36 – The Real Life Hangover Story: Voyager Chat with Bob DiMenna


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It’s our third Voyager Chat and this week we’re sitting down with a fellow travel podcaster! Bob DiMenna is the host of The Travelers Blueprint podcast, where he and his co-host interview guests all about their adventures around the world.

We kick off this episode with our rapid fire questions. Bob tells us about the worst ever cheese fries in Hawaii and why he hated the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Then we get straight into his story because it is a wild one! As soon as Bob told us that this is the story his wife HATES the most, we knew we had to hear it. This is his first time telling his story to the public, because it’s too wild for his own podcast!


Bob DiMenna travel podcast


Bob sets the scene on his first night in Phuket, Thailand. He and his then-girlfriend (now wife) started the night drinking at a bar on the infamous Bangla Road. If you’ve ever been to Bangla Road, you know it’s filled with bars, strip clubs, tattoo parlors and lots of drunk tourists. Bob takes us through his night, from downing buckets (cheap cocktails in a literal bucket) to buying rounds of shots for the bar staff.

The rest of the night is fuzzy, but when Bob wakes up in a stranger’s bed he has to make his way back to his hotel confused, disoriented and hungover. Then he has to piece together the memory of his wild night. Listen up to hear how he was reunited with his tour group and girlfriend, and her reaction to his disappearance! All we can say is, Bob is a very lucky man!


Real life Hangover story


Here’s what we chat about:

[7:50] Hating on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

[13:00] Drinking on Bangla Road, Phuket, Thailand

[16:40] Entering a mystery 7-11

[18:15] Waking up to a mystery man

[25:00] A sweet reunion


You can learn more about Bob DiMenna and The Travelers Blueprint Podcast here:

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