John Jones and the Nutty Putty Cave Tragedy


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Welcome back to another awesome week of Not So Bon Voyage! Last week we celebrated our 1 year podcasting anniversary! If you missed last week’s episode, Crazy Travel Stories: Our Favorite From 1 Year of Not So Bon Voyagemake sure you check it out!

This week we only have one in the news story because we’ve got a doozy of a main story! We’re telling the story of John Jones and the Nutty Putty Cave (no it’s not an Indie rock band). This is a tragic tale of travel going very wrong for one young spelunker. Grab your tissues, because this one is a tear jerker!

But first, Jules tells one of the only travel news stories bouncing around the headlines these days. It’s tough for travel news reporters!


Thai Park Mailing Trash to Tourists

Is there anything worse than tourists who visit a beautiful location and leave their trash?! Unacceptable if you ask us. Well one park in Thailand is sick of this is as well. And they’re fighting back by mailing the trash back to the tourists! Authorities at Khao Yai National Park are actually boxing up trash left behind and mailing it back to these trashy tourists.


john jones nutty putty


Each traveler has to register their name and home address when they enter the park so it’s not hard for authorities to trace it back. They’ll also be registered with the police. Pick up your trash people! Read the full story here: Thai national park sends rubbish back to tourists.


John Jones and the Nutty Putty Cave

This is the tragic story of John Jones, a 26 year old medical student in Virginia with a wife, young daughter and another baby on the way. On Nov 24th 2009, John was exploring the Nutty Putty Cave in Utah with 10 of his friends and family. John and his brother Josh were off looking for a tunnel called the Birth Canal when John shimmied himself into a hole.

When he realized he didn’t have enough space to turn around, he pushed himself further into the tight space. Soon John realized he was completely stuck. His brother Josh quickly went to get help, but being 400 feet under ground it took a while for rescuers and equipment to reach John.


john jones nutty putty cave


What made matters worse was the fact that John was essentially upside down, causing his heart to work overtime to pump blood to his brain. The attempted rescue and eventually sealing of the cave with John inside is one of the most terrifying tragedies we’ve told on the podcast. Read the whole story here: John Johns Death and the Nutty Putty Cave.

Crazy Travel Stories: Our Favorite From 1 Year of Not So Bon Voyage


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We’ve got a very exciting episode for you today: it’s our 1 year anniversary of the Not So Bon Voyage podcast! We can’t believe it’s been 1 year since we started this project. And what a year it has been. We’ve loved sharing our favorite crazy travel stories with you, Voyagers and we’ve loved telling your stories on air!

To celebrate our anniversary we’re using this episode to share our all time favorite stories we’ve told on the podcast. But first, we’ve got two travel in the news stories to share!


crazy travel stories qantas

Flight to Nowhere with Qantas

First up, Jules tells Christine about Qantas Airlines “Flight to Nowhere.” Australia’s most well known airline, is doing a flight to nowhere… literally! The flight takes off from Sydney and lands back at Sydney 7 hours later after doing a tour around Australia. It goes over major landmarks like the GBR and the Outback, with all the inflight entertainment and service on offer, as well as a touted ‘celebrity appearance’. The trip sold out in 10 minutes, making it the fastest selling trip in Qantas’ history. What do you think Voyagers, would you take the flight to nowhere? Learn more about the flight here: Quantas Flight To Nowhere.


crazy travel stories

80 Year Old Disappears While Hiking

Next up, Jules the news story of Harry Harvey, an experienced hiker who went missing on Sunday September 6th form Yorkshire Dales. Harry got separated from his hiking partner when they got caught in a hailstorm. Four days after going missing there was a press conference held to appeal to the public to be on the lookout for him… and he just happened to show up! Read more about Harry’s adventure here: 80 year old who disappeared while hiking.


Wild Travel Stories: The Not So Bon Voyage Favorites

Now on to our all time favorite episodes of the Not So Bon Voyage podcast! Over the past year we’ve told some crazy travel stories, but these take the cake!


Christine’s Favorites

Episode 5: Ending up in a Thai prison and the Greek Titanic

In this episode I covered the story of Christine and Heidi, two American girls traveling around Greece who got stuck on a sinking Greek ferry. This is a WILD story of survival. This wasn’t like a story of being in a sketchy tug boat with a leaking hole, it was like being on the Greek freaking Titanic!!

Episode 20: Rabid Dolphins and The Ultimate Amazon Jungle Survival

This was the story of Juliane Koepcke, a 17 year old girl who is flying in a plane above the Amazon jungle when the plane explodes in mid-air. By some insane miracle her airplane seat is perfectly separated from the plane and she survives the 10,000 ft fall. But that’s just the start of her survival story, because now she’s alone in the Amazon and has to fight her way out.

Ep 30: Shot in the Face While Camping and the Lost Desert Runner

This is one of my favorite episodes and crazy travel stories because it’s a true travel, true crime crossover. Two of my favorite genres! This is the story of two friends who go camping along the Appalachian trail and unknowingly invite a murderer to come sit by their campfire. This story is literally a horror movie come to live, it has all the elements, camping, weird stranger and epic chase scene. You have to listen!


Jules’ Favorites

Episode 11: Will Smith Taken Hostage & The Tahitian Stalker (Hostel Horrors 2)

This is story from my personal friend that I met in Peru about getting tied up and robbed at gunpoint in a Colombia hostel. We also talked about the creepy stalker in Tahiti for a solo female traveler.

Episode 07: Ghost Plane and The Mystery Man (Spooky Halloween Special)

This episode covered the bizarre story of Lars Mittank, the German tourist, who disappeared while holidaying in Bulgaria with friends. This story was just weird and so interesting, and remains an unsolved mystery. Christine also talked about the ghost plane that was made up of parts from a plane crash where people died – Eastern Airlines Flight 401.

Episode 31: Bibles, Bows and Arrows: The Unfortunate Fate of John Allen Chau

This crazy travel story is about a dedicated Christian missionary who was set on traveling to the world’s most remote community in the middle of the Andaman Islands off the coast of India. He was trying to convert them to Christianity and met an unfortunate fate. Listen to the lead up to his travels there, as well as diary entries from the day of his death.


crazy travel stories washington monument

Not So Bon Reviews

We’re back with our new segment, not so bon reviews, where we share 1 star reviews of the world’s most beloved landmarks. This week we’re sharing bad reviews of the Washington Monument!

Here’s a snippet:

Bad monument

It’s a good piece of architecture, but I don’t like it for several reasons: 1. The phallic symbolism. 2. Inaccessible to poor people who can’t travel. 3. I don’t like George Washington.

They laugh

The obelisk and the pools. The history is palpable but so is the masonic evil. They are laughing at us. They designed this country to be our prison, the blueprint for it is all here. Look up pentagram DC street plan.

57 – Two Crashes and a Mugging: Voyager Chat with Lucy Ruthnum


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We’ve got a very special Voyager Chat for you! This week we talked to fellow blogger and our IRL friend, Lucy Ruthnum! Lucy is the travel blogger at AbsolutelyLucy. She writes about solo female travel, mental health, wellness, positivity and so much more. We met Lucy in Thailand in 2016 and have kept in touch since. Lucy is one of our favorite travel friends; we even have matching tattoos with her, which we got after a crazy week of partying on the Thai islands. We knew Lucy would have some insane travel stories and she did not disappoint.


Vietnam to Cambodia by bus


Vietnam to Cambodia by Bus Crash

On today’s episode Lucy tells us about a wild several weeks of traveling from Vietnam to Cambodia by bus. Poor Lucy was having one of those travel experiences where things just can’t seem to go right. But first, we kick off the episode with her answers to our ‘Not So Fab 5’ questions! Lucy tells us about why she thinks the Eiffel Tower is an overrated hunk of metal, why sleeping on a beach isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be and her experience eating suspicious meat in Thailand.

Then Lucy gets into her ‘Not So Bon Voyages’ and they are a doozy! Lucy tells us about a string of misfortunate events that kicked off when her bus traveling from Laos to Vietnam got into a crash. What was supposed to be a 22 hour bus trip ended up taking 50 hours! After the crash when the passengers were escaping out the window, Lucy saw that the bus driver had empty bottles of liquor all around his seat! Things got even wilder when the driver tried to escape the police by hightailing it out of their in the crashed bus!


Cambodia bus travel


Then Lucy goes on to tell us about arriving to Sihanoukville after dark. Going against her gut, she accepted a ride from a moto-taxi driver. During the drive to her hostel Lucy caught the driver stealing $50 from her bag. She forced the driver to stop and, fed up with being taken advantage of, smacked him across the head with her helmet. Who can blame her?! Lucy told us this experience reinforced two important lessons from traveling: 1) Always trust your gut and 2) Never arrive in a new place after dark.

Lucy goes on to tell us about more issues she had in Cambodia, including a scary story that almost ended in a sexual assault of her friend in the back of a tuk tuk!

Finally, Lucy recounts ANOTHER crash she got into in Cambodia, just a few weeks after the first one. During this crash, the driver’s quick thinking may have actually saved her life. Her back slammed into the windshield and she ended up scratched up, but was rescued by a sweet Australian man passing by on a motorbike. Whew! Lucy certainly has had some crazy adventures!


Vietnam to Cambodia by bus travel



[5:30] The meat that turned Lucy vegetarian

[10:00] Lucy’s distaste for the Eiffel Tower

[16:50] How we met Lucy and ended up getting matching tattoos in Koh Phangan

[24:00] Lucy’s wild ride traveling from Vietnam to Cambodia by bus

[39:00] Getting mugged by her moto-taxi driver

[50:55] ANOTHER bus crash for Lucy!


You can learn more about Lucy here:

Absolutely Lucy

Absolutely Lucy Instagram

Absolutely Lucy Facebook

Absolutely Lucy Twitter

56 – Glen Heggstad: Colombian Hostage Takes on an Army


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Welcome back to another episode of Not So Bon Voyage. We kick off today’s podcast with an update on our Patreon! We have a brand new bonus episode uploaded on to our Patreon for our wonderful patrons! On the bonus episode Jules tells a crazy story about an Australian who was driving in the Outback when his car breaks down. This story is shocking and mysterious. Check out our Not So Bon Voyage Patreon to become a first class Voyager and get exclusive content, shout outs and more!


glen heggstad colombian guerillas

American Man Breaks Canada’s Quarantine Act

A US man is in hot water after breaking Canada’s Quarantine Act after ignoring Canadian restrictions on travel. As it stands, Americans can drive through Canada if they are going straight through to Alaska. But one American named John Pennington, from Kentucky, traveled way off course, staying in a luxurious resort in Banff National Park. The hotel staff reported him and when the police arrived they initially gave him a $900 ticket and ordered him to stay in his room until he had to leave the next day. Listen up to hear what his punishment was when he disobeyed their order and started traveling through Canada again!


Maced In The Face!

We have a new Voyager submission today from Paula Stanton, who along with her partner Scott, make up the team behind A Couple Days Travel blog. Paula was living on an unspecified Caribbean island on a work-study program. The country was leading up to its largest outdoor music festival, so every night there was something going on. On one occasion they decided to head to the beach to listen to some music. Everyone was listening to tunes, dancing away and then suddenly someone showed up to the beach and started spraying everyone with mace. Listen up to hear what happened next and to hear Christine’s personal story getting pepper sprayed in San Francisco.


glen heggstad colombian hostage


Glen Heggstad Colombian Hostage

For our main story, Christine tells Jules the incredible true story of Glen Heggstad. Glen is a judo master from Palm Springs and a former Hell’s Angel motorcyclist. In 2001 he just retired from competing at the top level in martial arts. He’s looking for a new thrill so he plans a solo motorcycle trip from California down to the tip of South America and back. It’s a 20,000 mile motorcycle trip and he begins his expedition in October. A month after leaving CA he arrives in Colombia. He’s cruising through the beautiful mountainside when he comes face to face with a band of armed guerillas. What happens next is a tale of endurance that few could survive.

55 – Eric Lemarque True Story: Snowboard Survival and Crystal Meth


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Welcome back to another episode of Not So Bon Voyage! We kick off today’s podcast with a chat about our camping trip last weekend. Luckily almost everything went off without a hitch, besides the 100 degree weather! We also talk about the wildfires that are taking over our beautiful state of California.


Airplane Brawl

Another airplane brawl, you say? Yep! It seems that people are extra antsy these days traveling on planes. Perhaps it’s the fear of COVID or the discomfort of wearing a mask on flight, but passengers are pissed. Jules shows Christine a video of two passengers going at it on a flight. Supposedly they were arguing about seat selection. But we’re not talking about a verbal showdown, these people are straight up throwing fists. Check out the airplane fight video to see the kerfuffle.

Eric LeMarque: True Story of Snowboard Survival

It’s been a while since we’ve had an epic survival story on the Not So Bon Voyage podcast, so we thought we’d bring ’em back! Jules is telling the Eric LeMarque true story of survival on the mountains. Eric is a French-American former professional hockey player whose love for adrenaline found himself addicted to snowboarding… and eventually crystal meth as well.

Eric’s story is truly wild. On February 6th, 2004 Eric was snowboarding on the slopes of Mammoth, about 5 hours from LA. Toward the end of the day the snow patrol team worried that incoming fog could obscure visibility for boarders and skiers. They took to the mountains to make sure everyone got safely off the mountain. Eric saw the patrol but wanted to have one last run down the slopes. He took off hiking up the mountain. On his way down, he lost sight of the run because of the fog and ended up off trail.


eric lemarque true story


The next part of this story is an enduring fight for his life that few could survive. Alone on the mountain with no equipment, Eric uses his inner strength to not only rescue himself, but kick his meth addiction at the same time. This story was made into a book called Crystal Clear, and a movie with Josh Hartnett (he’s back, baby!) called 6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain. You can read Eric LeMarque’s true story here.

54 – Camping Horror and Divers Left at Sea


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We’re back with another awesome episode of Not So Bon Voyage. This weekend we’re going camping so on today’s episode we’re telling our favorite camping mishap story from our travels. We’re also ‘diving’ into the creepy true story of Tom and Eileen Lonergan, the couple left at sea.


Camping at Lagos de Montebello

We kick off today’s episode chatting about our upcoming camping trip to Madrone Tree Hill, a campsite in Camino, California. To get excited for our trip we reminisce about one of our craziest camping experiences. In 2013, we were living in San Cristobal in southern Mexico and took a weekend off to go camping at Lagos de Montebello.


camping at Lagos de Montebello


After a lovely day exploring the lakes, we began scouting a lakeside campsite. We couldn’t find the exact site and instead set up camp in a local community park. Locals assured us that it was a safe place, but as we were camping just in a hammock with a tent, we felt a bit exposed.

Things got super creepy when we woke up in the middle of the night to see a man walking straight toward us through the thick mist. The rest of the night was a series of mishaps and disasters, including a 3 am downpour! Listen to the full episode to hear what went wrong!


Tom and Eileen Lonergan: Lost at Sea

Next up, Christine tells Jules the creepy and mysterious true story of Tom and Eileen Lonergan, a married couple from Louisiana who were vacationing in Australia. Tom and Eileen had recently finished a two year stint with the Peace Corps in the South Pacific and were going to do another stint in Fiji. While in Australia, the couple went scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef aboard a ship called the Outer Edge.

Around 3pm they were on their third dive of the day at a site called Fish City. According to the dive instructor on the boat, Tom and Eileen said that they would “go off and do their own thing.”


Tom Eileen dive slate


When the boat docked at Port Douglas, the crew noticed there was at last one bag left behind by the passengers. Two days later, it was discovered that the couple had been left behind at the diving site. Listen up to hear what was found of the divers and the theories of their disappearance.

53 – Long Swords and Ceremony Substances: Christine’s Birthday Extravaganza


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We’re back with another hot episode of Not So Bon Voyage and this is a big one: it’s Christine’s birthday! To celebrate we’ve got an awesome episode for our Voyagers with plenty of crazy travel stories.


hot air balloon crash


Not So Full of Hot Air

We kick off this episode with some travel news. Jules tells Christine about a hot air balloon crash in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Three (!) hot air balloons were knocked to the ground due to some unexpected wind. Most passengers walked away unscathed which is a miracle considering the circumstances! Read all about that here: Hot Air Balloon Crash Wyoming


Got Room For One More?

Then Jules tells Christine about a couple that rented their house out on Airbnb and were shocked when they heard from the neighbors that there were many more guests than expected. 23 extra guests to be exact! Not only was the house crowded but they discovered this group may be doing more than just going on a weekend getaway… Listen up to hear why swords and axes were involved! Read the whole story here: Scottish Airbnb Host Finds 23 Extra People.


sierra leone animals


Amazing Race in Sierra Leone

Then Christine tells Jules a Voyager submission from Nora Livingstone who runs Animal Experience InternationalNora was volunteering with the Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Society in 2013 and leaving to head to Uganda. She woke up early to catch a ferry to get to the airport, only to find that she was told the completely wrong schedule! Her only option is to charter a private “speed” boat for $350.

Unfortunately, as it happens sometimes when you travel, the ATMs didn’t have money and Western Union wasn’t open yet. Thanks to the help of the community and some early morning knocks on the door, Nora was able to charter the boat and get across to take a cab to the airport. But the adventure doesn’t end there. More obstacles pop up on her way to the airport. Listen up to hear how she handled everything like a boss!


sierra leone animals welfare

Not So Bon Reviews

Finally, we wrap up the episode with our new segment: hilarious one star reviews of some of the world’s most beloved tourist attractions. Jules tells some scathing reviews of San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf, which end up just being roasts of San Francisco!


fishermans wharf bad reviews


Here’s a snippet:

“All San Francisco Is A Dump: I first moved to SF in 1980 and moved away in 2005. Back then it really was a great city. Clean, friendly, lots of local flavor. Now, it’s become an overpriced garbage can. Feces EVERYWHERE”

Then Jules tells some hilarious reviews of the Grand Canyon, including complaints that it’s too deep and someone lost their pants. Oh well, can’t please everyone!

52 – Airport Brawl and the Plane Thief


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Welcome back to another episode of Not So Bon Voyage. Quick update: from here on out, we’ll be releasing shows only on Mondays. Our Monday shows will include a mix of our regular segments, including in the news, long stories and voyager submissions. We’re going to continue to have guests on our Voyager Chat segment on Monday episodes as well. Plus we’ll have awesome fun new segments including a new one on today’s episode!


Fighting Spirit Airlines

A couple of weeks ago, at Fort Lauderdale airport employees of Spirit Airlines were attacked by three passengers. The passengers apparently got angry when their flight was delayed, so they started hurling items at the employee. They started by throwing water bottles, food containers and shoes and then just ran over to the employee and started attacking her. Check out the video to see the wild throw down.


Couple Banned From Aussie Pub

In a small country town of Queensland, Australia a couple have been banned from going to the local pub.Their names are Kevin and Carol, and they’re no longer welcome at the Yaraka Hotel and Pub after they’ve repeatedly been seen eating food, stealing keys and even sometimes going to the bathroom inside the pub. The pair started hanging around the pub after their eggs were abandoned and they were raised near the pub…. oh, plot twist: Kevin and Carol are emus! Check out these cuties in action:


Vietnam Evacuation

Vietnam is set to evacuate more than 80,000 people from the Da Nang tourist area after three people tested positive for COVID. Evacuation is set to take four days, with over 100 flights shipping people out of the area and to one of Vietnam’s 11 other cities. That’s a lot of not so bon voyages!


Laptop On The Loose

This story comes from the post on the travel blog Angelina Travels. Angelina wrote a story about her friend Aileen who runs the blog Points & A Passport You can read the whole blog post here: The Craziest Theft Story Happened to My Best Friend on a Delta Flight Yesterday

Aileen was on a flight from Phoenix to New York via Detroit. It’s a pretty empty flight so she’s able to snatch a whole row to herself near the back. While on the flight, Aileen notices her laptop slide under her seat and toward the back of the plane. When she questions the man behind her, she starts to believe her laptop may have been stolen. For the rest of the flight, Aileen is forced to fight to get her property back. Listen up to hear how it all went down.


funny bad reviews times square

Bad Reviews

Welcome to our brand new segment! We’ll be reading bad reviews of some of the world’s most famous and loved landmarks and destinations. On today’s episode, Christine reads 1 star reviews Times Square, which was named by our most recent Voyager Chat guest as his most overrated landmark. Listen to his episode here: Keeping Your Cool In A Head-on Bus Crash: Voyager Chat with Jarryd Salem

Here are some snippets from the funny bad reviews:

“This place is torture. Morons and slimeballs converge on giant shopping mall from hell.”

“Go to NYC, they said. It’s the best city on Earth, they said. Times Square is incredible, they said. Incredible it most certainly is. People doing everything they can to separate your bucks from your wallet in what can only be described as a cathedral of consumerism.”

“There wasn’t enough Purell in the world to make you feel clean after one trip along the sidewalk.”

Listen up to hear the full hilarious bad reviews of Times Square!


51 – Keeping Your Cool In A Head-on Bus Crash: Voyager Chat with Jarryd Salem


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We’re back with another Voyager Chat! This week we’re sitting down with fellow travel blogger Jarryd Salem. Jarryd is an award winning travel writer who documents his world wide expeditions with his wife, Alesha, on their travel blog Nomadasaurus. Their blog is all about adventure travel from kayaking with humpback whales in Antarctica to attending the World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan to sailing on a Catamaran through Central America. We knew Jarryd would have some wild stories to tell on the podcast and he didn’t disappoint!


fighting off pirates in the caribbean


On today’s episode Jarryd chats with us about fighting off pirates in the Caribbean and surviving a head on bus crash in Myanmar. But first, we kick off our chat with our Not So Fab 5 questions. Jarryd tells us about his experience eating balut in the Philippines, why he wasn’t a huge fan of China and why he thinks Times Square in New York is overrated. Plus we get a couple more pants-pooping stories for the collection!

Jarryd kicks off his main stories by telling us about the time he and Alesha joined a crew on a catamaran sailing through the Caribbean. After a few days of seasickness they began to find their sea legs. They had an amazing time working hard and drinking rum on the open seas, until one day they see a suspicious boat heading straight for them. Their first thought – pirates! Not wanting to mess around, they immediately gathered anything they could to show the boat that they wouldn’t go down without a fight. Listen up to hear what happens next.


real life pirates in the caribbean


Then Jarryd tells us about his time surviving a head on bus crash in Myanmar. While traveling through the country by bus, they were shocked at the driving but happy to be making good time. Until they were swiped head on by another bus heading the other direction. Jarryd went into survival mode to get them out as soon as possible in case the bus was about to explode! 



[5:30] Least favorite country: Why he didn’t love China

[11:40] Worst place Jarryd’s ever slept on his travels: Sketchy Mongolian border hotel

[15:15] Pooping his pants in a Tibetan monastery

[20:00] Fighting off pirates in the Caribbean near Honduras

[27:30] Head on bus crash in Myanmar


You can learn more about Jarryd here:

Nomadasaurus Travel Blog

Nomadasaurus Instagram

Nomadasaurus Facebook

Nomadasaurus Youtube

Vanlife Theory website

Vanlife Theory Instagram


pirates in the caribbean

Our Worst Traveling Mishaps: 50th Episode Special


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Welcome to the celebratory 50th episode of the Not So Bon Voyage podcast!! This podcast has been a journey and we’re so happy to have you Voyagers along for the ride. We’ve had a blast connecting with our listeners and hearing your stories of travel mishaps. This podcast wouldn’t be anything without you, so thank you for supporting us over the past 50 episodes!

On today’s episode we’re celebrating this milestone with something a bit different. We’ll both be answering our “Not So Fab 5” questions! We wanted to take some time to reminisce about our best traveling mishaps that we haven’t gotten to chat about on the podcast yet. Enjoy!


Worst Thing We’ve Ever Eaten

We’ve eaten quite a few odd things during our travels but to be honest we’ve enjoyed almost all of them! Christine chats about the typhoid chicken soup we had in San Cristobal, Mexico back when we were die-hard vegetarians. Then Jules talks about boiled pigskin soup and suspicious “pasta” in Peru that turns out to be something very different….


traveling mishaps

Least Favorite Country We’ve Visited

We know this is a controversial question to answer because everyone has their own personal experiences that affect their impression of a country. Christine talks about her not so great times in Cambodia including bed bugs and gnarly migraine. Then Jules shares his take on why Bulgaria wasn’t his favorite country. Please don’t hate us!


traveling mishaps story


Most Overrated Landmark

While we can usually find something redeeming about every landmark or attraction we visit, there are a couple of disappointing ones that stand out in our minds. Besides the obvious choices of the Mona Lisa or Times Square, Christine chats about the disappointment of the Moulin Rouge. Then Jules and Christine chat about how the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a huge letdown.


Worst Place We’ve Ever Slept

Anyone who has backpacked for an extended period of time knows that you end up sleeping in some wacky places! We reminisce about our dirty hostel in Cambodia, bed bugs in Nicaragua and an airport floor in Colombia. 


traveling mishaps stories

Have We Ever Pooped Our Pants?

The most infamous question on our podcast finally gets turned back on us. Find out if either of us have pooped our pants while traveling. Christine tells a ‘will she or won’t she’ horror story from a van trip in Colorado, and Jules tells a hilarious story of peeing in a strange spot in Colombia.