61 – Miserable Machu Picchu and the Motorcycle Mishap


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Welcome back to another episode of Not So Bon Voyage! If you’re new here, welcome! We’ve got another set of wild travel stories this week, but first, we’ve got some homework for you! If you’ve been listening to and enjoying the podcast, we’d LOVE for you to tell a friend about it. Or a neighbor! Or the cashier at your local Safeway! Word of mouth is the best way for our podcast to grow and we rely on our dear Voyagers to help us out. If you do tell a friend (or a cashier!) let us know and we’ll shout you out on the next podcast. And if you send us a selfie with the person you told (masked up of course!) we’ll share it on our Instagram. And now on to the show…


vietnam motorbike accident


The Vietnam Motorbike Accident

We’re kicking off this week’s episode with a Voyager submission from a new listener named Jake (check him out on Instagram @jakethetraveller93). His submission is a story from back in early 2015 when he was 21. He’d never traveled outside the UK, in fact he’d never been on a plane before! Jake took the leap and booked a one way flight to Southeast Asia for a solo backpacking trip. Like many travelers in Southeast Asia, he learns how to ride a motorbike while in Laos. He gets pretty into it and decides to buy a motorbike in Ho Chi Minh to travel by bike around Vietnam. Unfortunately when he attempts the Ho Chi Minh West Trail from Phong Nha to Khe Sanh, things get a little hairy and he learns a lesson in self reliance, resilience and always carrying an extra pair of boxers.


machu picchu reopens

Machu Picchu Reopening To A Crowd Of…. One!

This is the story of 26 year old Japanese tourist, Jesse Katayama, who has been stranded in Peru since lockdown. He came to Peru to visit Machu Picchu in March but the day he was planning on visiting the park, it shut down. Jesse got stuck in Aguas Calientes (the town just outside Machu Picchu) during quarantine. He’s been there since March teaching local kids boxing lessons. And now his patience has paid off because Jesse was invited by the Peruvian government for a private tour of Machu Picchu. Lucky ducks! Read Jesse’s full story here: Machu Picchu Opens For Single Tourist.


machu picchu reopening

Not So Bon Reviews

Finally, we wrap up today’s episode with bad reviews of Machu Picchu. Turns out, not everyone was as stoked as Jesse Katayama to visit this famous landmark. It may be one of the seven wonders of the world, but not everyone is impressed!

Here are some snippets:

“Most overrated place on Earth”

Was a long walk getting there and all it was is a bunch of rocks. I expected more from a 5* trip advisor rating.”

As with a dentist appointment, a visit to Machu Picchu….. is a necessary, but not particular pleasant, experience.”

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