49 – Life Lessons Learned Through Travel: Voyager Chat with Rachel Rudwall


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We’re back with another Voyager Chat this week. But first, if you missed our Monday episode, we chatted about killer bees at Joshua Tree and a Voyager story about getting stranded on the open seas in the Galapagos. Check out that episode here: Killer Bees and a Galapagos Search and Rescue Mission 

We LOVE telling Voyager submission on the air: please submit your story here.


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Life Lessons from Travel with Rachel Rudwall

Now back to our Voyager Chat this week! We spoke with Rachel Rudwall of Rachel Roams. Rachel is an Emmy nominated TV host, producer, writer, photographer, but most of all she’s an adventure traveler. She was recently named an Explorers Club “Fellow” alongside greats like Buzz Aldrin, Sir Edmund Hillary, and Elon Musk. Through her travels Rachel has paraglided with a hawk, climbed Kilimanjaro and gone scuba diving with bull sharks cage-free! 

On today’s episode Rachel chats with us about some of her most transformative travel experiences, like the time getting food poisoning in Patagonia taught her a lesson in humility and how a car wreck in Turkey taught her to trust her gut.


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Transformative Travel Experiences

We kick off this episode with our Not So Fab 5 questions. Rachel tells us…

For her main stories, Rachel tells about her time traveling to Patagonia solo. As a veteran traveler she felt like she was independent and didn’t need to rely on anyone else while traveling. But when she got food poisoning from a spoiled crab salad, Rachel learned a lesson in humility and taking help from others. 

Then Rachel chats with us about the time she went against her gut and got into a taxi that didn’t feel safe in Turkey. The taxi didn’t have seat belts and their ride to the airport on the highway was super dangerous. Things only got worse when Rachel and her friends found themselves surrounded by semi-automatic rifles at the airport! Yikes!


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[3:35] Eating putrified shark in Iceland

[6:25] The difficulties of traveling in India

[11:00] Instagram, bucketlists and the problem with travel today

[19:10] Wicked food poisoning in Patagonia (plus a humbling travel experience)

[28:40] Trusting your instinct and wild taxi ride in Turkey


You can learn more about Rachel here:

Rachel Roams Website

Rachel Roams Instagram

Rachel Roams Facebook

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