31 – The Unfortunate Fate of John Allen Chau: Bible, Bows and Arrows

This week we’re switching things up (gotta keep things interesting during quarantine!) and doing our main stories first. Jules’ story is so intense and captivating that we are saving Christine’s for next week. So buckle up, because this one gets wild!


John Allen Chau: The Christian Mission Gone Wrong

For his main story Jules tells the controversial tale of John Chau, a young Christian missionary determined to bring the word of God around the world. Chau felt a calling to convert the people of North Sentinel Island in the Indian Ocean.


John Allen Chau Christian Missionary


This super remote island has been a “no-go” zone since anthropologists tried to visit and had a very hostile reaction from the local community. But John made it his life’s mission to convert the island to Christianity. Unfortunately he was met with a very unwelcome response.

Two great resources to check out for this story:

Outside Magazine: The Last Days of John Allen Chau by Alex Perry

The Guardian: The Life and Death of John Allen Chau by J Oliver Conroy


crabs in an airport


Airport Crab Invasion

Then we lighten things up with a news story from an airport in the Bahamas. On the luggage carousel a cooler full of live crabs popped open and the crabs took over! Dozens of crabs were crawling all over the carousel and scuttling across the floor. Watch the hysterical video here.


Stuck Sailing the World

Finally, Jules wraps up this episode with an interesting story of a couple sailing the world. They set sail in February and were so isolated they didn’t even realize coronavirus was happening! When they tried to dock in the Caribbean they realized the entire world had gone into lockdown!

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