42 – Military Coups and Detained Abroad: Voyager Chat with Mike Siegel


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Welcome back to our Voyager Chat series! But first, if you missed our Monday show, definitely give that a listen. We chat about some brand new travel news (finally!) including airplanes to nowhere and exploring the deepest parts of the ocean. Then Jules tells Christine the true story behind the book and movie Jungle. You’ll hear about Yossi Ghinsberg and his three traveling companions as they attempt to survive the Amazon jungle. Click here to listen to The Yossi Ghinsberg Story: Jaguars, Hidden Treasure and Jungle Survival.


Mike Siegel tv host


Now back to our Voyager Chat! Mike Siegel is another fellow podcaster at the Travel Tales podcast where he hosts lighthearted conversations highlighting the best and worst experiences that travel has to offer. He’s a stand up comedian, former TV host and avid traveler. He’s worked all over the world including performing stand up on cruise ships. Mike’s work and travel has put him in some crazy situations, which he gets into on the show. 

First, we kick off the episode with our “Not So Fab 5” questions. We learn about Mike’s experience projectile vomiting in India and the time he woke up on the beach to see wild dingos sniffing his feet.

Then Mike gets into his main stories. He tells us about the time he got caught in a military coup in Ethiopia. 

Then he tells us the story of the time he was detained for 9 hours in a Nigerian airport. Just trying to wait in the airport for a connecting flight, there was a mix up about whether he needed a visa or not. They took away his passport (always scary!); you’ll have to listen to hear if he gets it back!


Mike Siegel travel


Here’s what we chat about:

[9:50] Projectile vomiting in India

[19:00] Finding out there was a military coup happening in Ethiopia while he was there

[29:30] Visa troubles at the Nigerian airport

[30:30] Watching his passport walk away from him


You can learn more about Mike Siegel and the The Travel Tales Podcast:

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