19 – Coronavirus Craziness and Our Stomach Sickness Stories

This week we’re talking about the dreaded Coronavirus that has completely turned the traveling world upside in 2020. No one is flying to China, countries are restricting travel and people are even starting to cancel their trips around the world. But is it warranted? Or is it just media scaremongering and sensationalism? We take a look at the origins of the virus and how it’s affecting travel, as well as giving our own perspective or whether we’d visit China at the moment.

For our In The News we talk about a cruise ship that was stranded at sea off the coast of Italy, unable to dock because of fear that a Chinese passenger has Coronavirus.

Our main stories this week talk about our own travel sickness stories! Starting with Christine’s travel tale of getting the Australian strand of Norovirus that knocked her out for a week at the very beginning of a 10 month South America backpacking trip. She also tells the hilarious story of the short, Brazilian bodybuilder she met on the plane and how we offers to rub her feet to help with her stomach pain…. she’s assures us everything was above board.


Brazilian bodybuilder travel story


Then Jules talks about the time he got the gnarliest stomach bug (probably a parasite) while backpacking in El Salvador with Christine. After eating some roadside fish things took a turn for the worse in El Tunco. He spent all night all the toilet, in a delusional fever and sweats in the cheapest, prison like hostel just to save a buck. Hardcore, or just plain stupid?

Wrapping up the show we talk about an Australian based influencer who cheated his way into Business Class by faking a broken ankle. Was it funny, or was it fucked up? We dish on the dude and share our personal opinions.

Have you got a crazy travel tale about getting sick on the road? Contact us or connect over Instagram to share you story and be featured!

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