Ep. 60 Colby Coombs, Mount Foraker and the Alaska Avalanche


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Fresh off some local California travel to Pismo Beach, we’re pumped up to bring you another riveting travel misadventure. This week we’re back on the icy slopes with a crazy travel story about mountain climbers and avalanches in Alaska. Travel mishaps while ice climbing have been a bit of a reoccurring theme for the Not So Bon Voyage podcast, so if you’re looking for more wild stories be sure to check out the Ice Cave Rescue episode and the Crystal Meth Snowboard Survival episode.


Baby Born on Plane in India

It’s happened again! Yet another baby has been born on a plane in India. Flying at 32 weeks, the mother was sure this three hour flight would be a breeze. But an hour into the flight like baby had another idea. Thankfully a doctor was onboard (when aren’t they?!) and the baby was born to the applause of all on plane. And hey, the cabin crew even got into mix with an action shot. Is it just us, or is it weird that the cabin crew are posing with this woman’s newborn baby?


baby born on flight


Weird Travel News

This week we also introduce a new section to the podcast called Weird Travel News. With travel news being a little limited at the moment we wanted to take a look at some of the weird and wacky things people are doing in its place. Flights to nowhere and staged airport experiences are just the start of it, as people all around the world are trying to fill the travel void.

This week we head to Japan to find out that theme parks are renting out their space for office workers. And get this, you can even rent out a spot of the ferris wheel for an hour, fully equipped with wifi and office supplies, to get your work done! Would you?


Colby Coombs Mount Foraker


Colby Coombs Mount Foraker Experience

For our main story he head to Alaska to tell the terrifying ordeal of Colby Coombs and his climbing buddies. The three experienced climbers set out to scale the icy Mount Foraker in Alaska, but only one of them returned. Listen in to hear all about how far someone is willing to push themselves to survive. Shout out to this Backpacker article that listed a lot of great information on the story.

And for those looking to experience the thrill of climbing in Alaska, check out the Alaska Mountaineering School, founded by Colby Coombs, for information on expeditions and training.

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