68 – Skiing Bears and Quarantine Jail Time In The Cayman Islands


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We’re back baby! After a holiday break, the Not So Bon Voyage podcast is back in action! And we’re kicking off our first episode of 2021 with a bang. We’ve got lots of crazy and hilarious travel news stories packed into this episode. We dive into a bear hitting the ski slopes in Romania and an airport brawl at Spirit Airlines. Then we tell all the juicy details about Skylar Mack, the American teen detained in the Cayman Islands prison for breaking her quarantine.


Bear Chases Skier

At the Predeal mountain resort in Romania, a skier was chased down the mountain by a brown bear! He was zig zagging down the mountain as people on the passing ski lift were shouting at the bear trying to distract it. The skier avoided it by thinking smart and ditching his backpack to distract the bear, before clipping out of his skis and running away. Check out the crazy video here: Bear Chases Skier



A Real Fighting Spirit (Airlines)

A fight broke out in Detroit Metro Airport last week after Spirit airlines asked a group of travelers to verify their carry on bags were the correct size and weight for the plane. Apparently, unprovoked, the group suddenly attacked the Spirit airline agents that were asking them about the bags. They are seen rushing them and then pushing them onto the ground and wrestling and throwing punches. Watch the fight here: Spirit Airlines Fight.



Quarantine Jailed in the Grand Cayman

On Nov 27, an 18 year old college student Skylar Mack flew to Grand Cayman on the Cayman Islands to visit her boyfriend. The requirement for entering the Cayman islands is that Skylar quarantines for 14 days. She’s even given a smart wristband and cell phone to track her movements. But Skylar removes the wristband to go see her boyfriend in a jet ski competition. She was spotted without a wristband and they were reported to the police.

They’re initially sentenced with 40 hours community service and a fine of $2,600, but the prosecutors appealed the sentence because they said it was too lenient. Eventually the sentence was reduced to two months, but she actually got out after about a month, because according to Cayman Islands law defendants need to serve just 60 percent of their sentences in prison. What do you think? Was this a fair sentencing? Read the full story here: American Jailed in the Cayman Islands. 

*Correction: On the podcast we mentioned that Skylar was 21. That was incorrect, she’s actually 18.

Listen up next week for more hilarious tales of people who have broken quarantine!

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