45 – Pre-Paying For Your Funeral and Falling Down the Grand Canyon


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Welcome back Voyagers! We’re switching up the format around here. We’ll still be releasing our Monday show with just the two of us. But instead of long detailed travel stories, we’ll be sharing shorter ‘in the news’ stories, Voyager submissions and the occasional longer story from our travels or other famous travel related stories. Of course, we’ll always be on the topic of when shit goes wrong on the road!

We’ll also be releasing Voyager Chats on Thursdays where we sit down with travelers and hear their ‘not so bon voyages’ in their own words! Speaking of Voyager Chats, if you haven’t listened to our chat from last week with Sarah Dodd, give it a listen. Sarah is an inspirational speaker, a coach and a solo female traveler who has visited 121 countries. Sarah chats with us about surviving Malaria in Liberia and convincing a taxi driver to smuggle her over a border. This girl has some wild stories! Listen here: Surviving Malaria in Liberia with Sarah Dodd from Nomadic Dreamer.

Now onto today’s episode…



The time has come to finally call Jules’ mom Helen! For the past 3 weeks we’ve called her out on the podcast demanding answers as to why she doesn’t listen! We gave her 3 weeks to respond and this week we called her live on air. Listen up to hear the reason she hasn’t been listening!


Grand Canyon Is Heating Up!

First up, Jules tells us that officials are warning travelers that the Grand Canyon is going to be HOT this year! As travel starts to open up, more and more Americans are setting off on domestic road trips. And the Grand Canyon is an iconic road trip in the Western US. Last week’s temperature got as high as 110F / 43C and with reduced staff and limited helicopter capability their search and rescue mission efforts will be reduced. Not a great combination!

Then Jules takes us on a little deep dive into ‘not so bon voyages’ around the Grand Canyon. The most common way people die at the Grand Canyon? Nope, not falling in! Dehydration is actually the number one cause of death. Stay hydrated people! Read more about this story here: Grand Canyon Extreme Heat.


Vegas Re-opens, But Grab Your Masks!

Then Christine tells Jules about Vegas re-opening, this time with masks! Caesars Entertainment was giving out $20 gambling chips to reward people wearing masks. Now they’re just outright requiring that visitors wear masks. MGM is following suit and requiring masks as well. Read more here: Caesars, MGM requires all guests to wear masks in all resorts.


Baby Born on Flight

Then Jules tells us a very recent story of a woman giving birth on an Emirates flight! Thankfully there were two Carnival Breeze nurses on board, Christine Anne and John. The woman delivered the baby successfully and even got a pretty sweet perk from delivering her baby on board! Learn more about the story here: Cruise Nurse Delivers Baby.


cambodia travel deposit

Deposit Needed for Cambodia Travel

Good news! Cambodia is opening back up for travelers! The bad news? You’ll need to put down a $3,000 deposit just to get there! Christine chats about what exactly the deposit covers, including a COVID test and potential hospital bills if you get sick. Don’t forget that before you travel anywhere, make sure you have travel insurance in case things go haywire! Get a quote here: 

Kayaking in The Utah Industrial Canals


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Last week a series of photographs went viral on social media showing the water in a Utah canal turn bright blue. People from all over flocked to see it for themselves. They swam and kayaked in the canal, and of course got more gorgeous shots of the water in contrast to the surrounding salt flats. Unfortunately what nobody told them was the canals are part of industrial facilities leased to Intrepid Potash for potash mining. Apparently the water is a concentrated brine solution and not safe for swimming. Oops! Learn more about the canals here: Majestic canals near Bonneville Salt Flats ‘not safe for public recreation’

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