69 – Airplane Hijinks and Attack of the Avalanches


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As we roll into 2021 we have to take a quick backwards step to wrap up some of the wild stories of 2020. There’s more quarantine rule breakers, some airplane hijinks and we discuss the United States more deadly week of avalanche attacks in over one hundred years.


Quarantine Rule Breakers

Coronavirus has taken its toll on a number of people, but none more than the quarreling couple, butter chicken lovin’ man and jet ski riding love bird who broke quarantine last year. Not sure what we’re talking about? Listen in to hear three hilarious stories about people who broke quarantine and take themselves on epic adventures.

None more hilarious than the kid who rode a jet ski to the Isle of Man from Ireland in order to see his girlfriend. Now that’s love!


jet ski to isle of man


Man on Plane Wing

It’s not only quarantine rules that people are breaking, it’s also aviation ones. This week we chat about two plane incidents late 2020 that saw people treating an airplane like their own private playground. We’re talking slides and jungle gyms!

And here’s the video of the police apprehending the man as he falls off the wing and busts his face.


United States Avalanche Attacks

Between January 31st and February 6th 2021 the United States recorded its deadliest week of avalanche deaths in over one hundred years. Unstable snow conditions have created weak snow foundations, resulting in more avalanches than usual across the snow season.

Listen in to hear us discuss how to be safe during your time in the snow! There’s also a teaser for next weeks episode about a wild avalanche that caught a couple of people on snow mobiles. Thankfully they survived and we’re going to discuss what to do if the same happens to you.


avalanche accidents United States

68 – Skiing Bears and Quarantine Jail Time In The Cayman Islands


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We’re back baby! After a holiday break, the Not So Bon Voyage podcast is back in action! And we’re kicking off our first episode of 2021 with a bang. We’ve got lots of crazy and hilarious travel news stories packed into this episode. We dive into a bear hitting the ski slopes in Romania and an airport brawl at Spirit Airlines. Then we tell all the juicy details about Skylar Mack, the American teen detained in the Cayman Islands prison for breaking her quarantine.


Bear Chases Skier

At the Predeal mountain resort in Romania, a skier was chased down the mountain by a brown bear! He was zig zagging down the mountain as people on the passing ski lift were shouting at the bear trying to distract it. The skier avoided it by thinking smart and ditching his backpack to distract the bear, before clipping out of his skis and running away. Check out the crazy video here: Bear Chases Skier



A Real Fighting Spirit (Airlines)

A fight broke out in Detroit Metro Airport last week after Spirit airlines asked a group of travelers to verify their carry on bags were the correct size and weight for the plane. Apparently, unprovoked, the group suddenly attacked the Spirit airline agents that were asking them about the bags. They are seen rushing them and then pushing them onto the ground and wrestling and throwing punches. Watch the fight here: Spirit Airlines Fight.



Quarantine Jailed in the Grand Cayman

On Nov 27, an 18 year old college student Skylar Mack flew to Grand Cayman on the Cayman Islands to visit her boyfriend. The requirement for entering the Cayman islands is that Skylar quarantines for 14 days. She’s even given a smart wristband and cell phone to track her movements. But Skylar removes the wristband to go see her boyfriend in a jet ski competition. She was spotted without a wristband and they were reported to the police.

They’re initially sentenced with 40 hours community service and a fine of $2,600, but the prosecutors appealed the sentence because they said it was too lenient. Eventually the sentence was reduced to two months, but she actually got out after about a month, because according to Cayman Islands law defendants need to serve just 60 percent of their sentences in prison. What do you think? Was this a fair sentencing? Read the full story here: American Jailed in the Cayman Islands. 

*Correction: On the podcast we mentioned that Skylar was 21. That was incorrect, she’s actually 18.

Listen up next week for more hilarious tales of people who have broken quarantine!

67 – Attacked by a Monkey in Myanmar and Wild Dog Bites


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It’s the final episode of 2020 and we’re finishing off with some wild animal attacks around the world! Dogs and monkeys go on savage attacks! Or at least draw blood.


Airlines Cut Back on Emotional Support Animals

It’s been a long time coming, but airlines are finally starting to tighten up their regulations for emotional support animals. The Department of Transportation (DOT) announced that it will no longer consider emotional support animals to be service animals, allowing airlines to potentially ban them from the cabin if they do not fit established rules for pets. The DOT’s Airline Carrier Access Act (ACAA) now strictly defines a service animal as an animal “that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability.” 

Guess we won’t be seeing any emotional support peacocks anytime soon! Say goodbye to your emotional support mini horses as well.


Monkey Attack in Myanmar

Danielle, a fellow travel blogger at Poss and Ruby, has submitted a wild story about a monkey attack in Myanmar. It was Danielle’s last day of her South East Asia travels and as luck would have it the local zoo keeper forgot to lock the nearby monkey enclosure. She just wanted to peruse the local market in Yangon on her last day. Walking the streets, she was reminiscing in her head about her lovely trip when all of a sudden a big, angry monkey comes charging toward her with its teeth bared! She had nowhere to escape to and the monkey just started going to town biting her feet and ankles.


monkey attack in Myanmar


After the monkey ran off Danielle was left standing in a pool of her own blood on the sidewalk. Luckily some nice locals got her in a cab to the hospital. After a series of mishaps involving not one, but two hospitals, Danielle got the rabies vaccine and bandaged up wounds. But her story doesn’t stop there, because then she needed to make her way back to Australia, go to the hospital in Melbourne and continue her healing months later. Yikes! Check out Danielle’s injuries below. She’s a real trooper!


woman attacked by monkey


Burma monkey attack


Our Dog Attack Stories

We wrap up this episode by reminiscing about some of our dog attack stories, including the time Jules was bitten by a street dog in Nicaragua and was reassured by the local medical team that there hadn’t been rabies on that island for 10 years. And the time Christine was bitten on the butt by a family’s dog in Colombia, where she proceeded to bleed through her shorts onto their white couch. Watch out for those wild dogs, Voyagers!

66 – Man Eating Deer and The CIA Spy with Ray Blakney


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On this week’s episode of Not So Bon Voyage we chat with Ray Blakney, an award winning Filipino American entrepreneur who grew up in Turkey and lives in Mexico. Ray is as multicultural as they come and today he’s telling us some hilarious stories from his travels. But first, we discuss yet another bison encounter in the news!


bison attack south dakota


Bison Rips Woman’s Pants Off

We’ve told countless stories of bison attacks on our podcast. For some reason tourists really can’t grasp on to the fact that you shouldn’t get close to a bison! They are wild animals! Most recently, a group of motorcyclists was driving through Custer State Park in South Dakota when they encountered a herd of bison. One of the female motorcyclists decided to walk up to the herd for photos. One of the bison charges the woman and catches the belt loop of her pants, which rips the pants right off the woman. Unfortunately footage of the hilarious incident has since been taken down, but here are some photos (don’t worry, she wasn’t seriously injured): Bison rips off woman’s pantsShout out to Sue, a Voyager and wind sock seamstress, who sent in the story!


ray blakney


Voyager Chat with Ray Blakney

And now on to our Voyager chat! Ray Blakney is an entrepreneur who has traveled to almost 50 countries, and as an entrepreneur and speaker. He spends 2 to 3 months out of the year traveling. Ray has created an award winning online language school called Live Lingua.

Today Ray tells us some hilarious stories from his adventures abroad. But first, kick off by asking Ray our Not So Fab 5 questions. He chats about why smoked ants are NOT a delicious snake. Then he talks to us about why Nicaragua is his least favorite country after several incidents of feeling unsafe.


deer feeding nara park japan


Deer Feeding in Nara Park, Japan

Then we get to Rays Not So Bon Voyages! First off, Ray tell us about the time he visited Nara Park in Nara, Japan. Ray and his wife decided to take a bicycle tour despite some drizzly weather, but they donned some plastic ponchos and forged ahead. One of the coolest parts of Nara Park is visiting the herds of small deer that roam freely. These deer are so used to humans that they’ll come up to be feed by hand. They’ll also bow to you!

Ray had no reason to think these deer could be anything but adorably polite, but then he and his wife ran out of food. Apparently the crinkle of the plastic poncho sounded exactly like food wrappers so the deer proceeded to eat the poncho literally off of Ray’s body! Listen to the episode to hear if Ray made it out alive!


CIA Spy in Mexico?

Ray also tells us about the time he volunteered for the Peace Corps and was assigned to San Cristobal, Mexico. When the volunteers arrived a rumor circulated around that CIA spies had come down from the US to spy on the citizens of Mexico! Protesters started showing up at the location that Ray volunteered at. He had to walk past the protesters to get to work! Luckily for Ray, he could pass as a Mexican because of his Filipino ancestry. The protestors had no idea he was from the US!

Check out Ray’s Projects Here:

Live Lingua – Online language courses and resources

Podcast Hawk – The Interview Podcast Search Engine

65 – Death Threats and Getting Robbed in India with Tom Page of the Worst Traveller


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Welcome back to another episode of Not So Bon Voyage! We’ve got another Voyager Chat for you this week with a fellow travel podcaster, Tom Page from the Worst Traveller. Tom tells us about his mishaps while traveling in India and boy did he have some mishaps! But first, we check in with the latest travel news.


The Ghosting Fiancé

In 2018, a British woman named Amethyst Realm went on vacation to Australia and fell in love with a guy named Ray. They even went so far as to consummate their relationship by joining the mile high club on the plane ride back to England. On their nine month anniversary, Ray proposed to Amethyst and things were going well until they took a couples trip to Thailand.


ghost finance travel


Amethyst says that Ray fell into a bad crowd while in Thailand and began doing drugs. He would also disappear for long periods at a time. You might say he “ghosted” her, which would be very appropriate because Ray is actually a ghost. Amethyst communicates with spirits and fell in love with Ray communicating with him through energy. Unfortunately his partying ways meant they would be parting ways before getting married. Read the whole story here: Woman Calls Off Wedding


Michael Knapinski Miracle Hiker

Earlier this month a 45 year old hiker named Michael Knapinski started off on a snowshoe hike in Mount Rainier National Park. He was meant to meet up with his friends at a part of the park called Paradise. He got close to the end of the trail, but suddenly it turned to a whiteout. He isn’t sure what happens next but it’s likely he fell.

Three NPS teams were sent out to search for him until early morning, when the temperature dropped down to 16 degrees and they had a five inch snowfall. The next afternoon a helicopter located Michael in the Nisqually River drainage and airlifted him to the hospital. He had a weak pulse and hypothermia when he got to the hospital and minutes after his heart stopped beating. Miraculously 45 minutes later, his heart started beating again. Read the wild story here: Mount Rainier Hiker Revived.


Tom Page The Worst Traveller


Tom Page – The Worst Traveller

And now on to our Voyager chat with Tom Page. Tom is the host of the Worst Traveller podcast where he tells his own wild travel stories and interviews other travelers from all walks of life. We kick off Tom’s chat by asking him our Not So Fab 5 questions. We learn that he once slept on a bench under the Sydney Opera House and that he had some serious stomach issues in China and had to cut the bathroom line, much to the anger of the locals.


travel story India


Travel India Story

For his main stories, Tom takes us to India. He decided to move to India in his early twenties to pursue his dream of becoming a Bollywood star. Tom decided to pack lightly, very lightly! He literally only packed his wallet, phone and charger and a toothbrush. He figured he would purchase anything he needed there as it would be cheaper and he could help the local economy. But even though he barely had anything with him, he still got robbed!


disaster travel story India


Things didn’t get much better from there. He didn’t have any accommodation booked and couldn’t find a decently priced place to stay. A stranger offered to help, but he lead him to the worst “hotel” he’s ever seen, with a room like an elevator shaft! He continued to have misadventures during his trip to India, including getting a death threat from a man when he refused to give him money. Listen to the episode to hear all of Tom’s crazy experiences in India!


You can reach Tom on social media here:

The Worst Traveller Instagram

The Worst Traveller Facebook

The Worst Traveller Twitter

64 – Flash Floods and Cancelled Flights with Natasha and Cameron of The World Pursuit


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Welcome back to another episode of Not So Bon Voyage! We’ve got an exciting episode this week! We did a Voyager chat with our fellow travel blogger friends Natasha Alden and Cameron Seagle. They tell us about a scary flash flood in Tanzania and give a good tip about what to do when your flight gets cancelled. But first, let’s get into some travel news.


brown bear hit by plane

Bear Gets Hit By Plane

Warning: This is not a happy story! But our stories are rarely happy on the Not So Bon Voyage podcast. On Saturday November 14th at Yakutat Airport in Alaska, Alaska Airlines Flight 66 was preparing to land when the captain saw two brown bears crossing the runway. As the plane touched down the nose narrowly missed the bears, but the captain said he felt an impact on the left side of the plane. The pilot then said as he was taxing the plane after landing he saw a bear laying on the runway. RIP beautiful brown bear! Read the full story here: Alaska Airlines plane kills brown bear crossing runway.


flash flood tanzania

Voyager Chat with Natasha and Cameron of the World Pursuit

It’s been a while since we did a Voyager chat, so we wanted to make sure we started up again with an extra special episode! And what better way to do that than with real life friends? Christine met Natasha and Cameron during a press trip to Sri Lanka two years ago, and besides being badass adventure travelers, they are super fun to travel with! Natasha and Cam are travel bloggers at The World Pursuit. They’ve been to 85 countries and have done everything from overlanding in Africa to snowboarding all over the world. They recently started a blog called The Banff Blog, which gives you everything you need to know about planning a trip to Banff! They also had some crazy stories that they’re sharing with you today.

But first, we kick off with our Not So Fab 5 questions! Cam and Natasha tell us about eating a hot pot with stinky fermented tofu and duck blood! Oof! They also chat about why sleeping on the beach is not it’s cracked up to be and why they weren’t so impressed with the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


flash flood tanzania car

Flash Flood in Tanzania

Now we get into Natasha and Cam’s Not So Bon Voyages. They’ve been all over the world so they’ve seen some wild things. They tell us about the time they purchased a vehicle in South Africa to go overlanding around different countries. It sounds like the trip of a lifetime! That is, until they decide to set up a camp at a lodge in Tanzania. While they were in the bar playing darts and drinking beer, there was a torrential rain pounding down outside. They decided to wait it out inside the bar. But at some point, a dam had broken and a flash flood came pouring through the campsite. Not only was their tent flooded, but the water was rising up around their car! Apparently they are quite the spectacle for the Tanzanian locals as they scramble to get their valuables out of the car. Can’t have your passport floating away!


what to do when your flight gets cancelled

Canceled Flight in Cyprus

Next, Cam and Natasha tell us a story about waiting in the airport in Cyprus for a flight. As the boarding time got closer and closer they noticed that there wasn’t anything going on at their gate. Finally, news reporters started to show up which is never a good sign! If your airline is on the news, it’s probably not for something good! It wasn’t until reporters ran up to Natasha and Cameron and asked what they were going to do about their canceled flight that they learned that not only was their flight not showing up, but their whole airline had gone under! Not great news to receive just a few minutes before you’re supposed to board!

But their story is a great lesson in what to do when your flight gets cancelled. They found a hotel room and stayed up late into the night booking a new flight. If they had waited until the morning they would have gotten screwed when the flight prices had gone up! Great tip!


You can reach Natasha and Cam on social media at:

The World Pursuit Instagram

The World Pursuit Facebook

The World Pursuit Twitter

The Banff Blog Instagram

63 – San Blas Islands Tour Gone WRONG


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We’re back with another awesome episode of Not So Bon Voyage! On this week’s episode we chat about the conspiracy of the missing Zion hiker and what happens when your island sailing trip turns into a disaster. So buckle up, because this is a good one!

But first, we kick off today’s episode with a few stories from the travel news.


yellowstone bison stampede


Stampede at Yellowstone National Park

The other week a group of tourists caused a bison stampede at Yellowstone NP. Once again people are getting too close to the wild animals and disrupting them, and then wondering why animals lash out! One observer said she saw a group close to the bison before the stamped began. 

Once again, please stay at least 25 yards away from the bison! Read the full story here: Reckless Yellowstone tourists cause bison stampede.


yellowstone chicken cooking


The Yellowstone Chicken Cookers

Three men have been temporarily banned from Yellowstone National Park after trying to cook a chicken in one of the geysers. You literally can’t make this stuff up. On August 7 a ranger reportedly saw a few guys hiking with cooking pots towards Shoshane Geyser Basin. The ranger tracked them down and found that the guys had two whole chickens in canvas bags inside the hot spring. Read the whole story here: Men sentenced for cooking chicken in Yellowstone hot spring.


missing zion hiker


The Conspiracy of the Missing Zion Hiker

On Oct 18th, Holly Courtier, a 38 year old California mom, was found in Zion National Park after she had gotten lost for 12 days. Holly entered the park on Oct 6th, and after going on a big hike, went to set up her hammock near the Virgin River. The river is actually toxic due to the algae bloom, so Holly has told authorities that she survived by slurping up the water, swishing it around her mouth and spitting it out. Holly was found by a park visitor 12 days after disappearing. She was able to walk out of the park on her own, but was diagnosed with a concussion, famine and dehydration at the hospital. Authorities are now questioning the suspicious circumstances of her disappearance. Read the whole story here: Police investigating Holly Courtier, the Zion hiker who was missing for 12 days.


san blas islands tour gone wrong


The San Blas Islands Tour Gone WRONG

Today’s Voyager Chat comes from Laura Baker who got in contact with us over IG and submitted her story via the website (If you have a story, please submit it here: notsobonvoyage.com/submit). In 2012, Laura was visiting Panama with her husband. Laura is a high school teacher who wanted an adventure for her spring break. And boy did she get it! One of the parts of their trip they were really excited about was a four day/three night trip to the picturesque San Blas Islands. But things take a turn for the worst when their tour guide turns out to be ill prepared. Listen up to hear how they took matters into their own hands to survive on the open seas!


san blas islands tour

62 – Frederick Valentich UFO Disappearance: The Famous Australian Mystery


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Happy Halloween! We’ve got an extra spooky episode for you this week. We’re chatting about one of Australia’s most famous mysteries and giving bad reviews on an infamously creepy hotel. And if you missed our Halloween special from last year, make sure to check out Episode 7: Ghost Plane and The Mystery Man (Spooky Halloween Special).


Frederick Valentich’s UFO Disappearance

We’re getting right into the good stuff today! Jules kicks off this episode by telling us a creepy UFO story straight out of Australia. This is the story of Frederick Valentich. After failing twice to join the Royal Australian Air Force, Valentich decided to become a commercial pilot. Unfortunately he failed their training program, so he went on to get his personal pilot license.


frederich valentich ufo


Federick was also a UFO believer and was worried that a UFO was going to attack him. He watched films about UFOs and was fascinated about finding articles. On October 21 1978, at age 20, Freddy took off on a trip from Moorabbin Airport (east of Melbourne) to King Island, an island in between Melbourne and Tasmania and in the middle of nowhere.

A little while into it, at 7:06pm he radios into Melbourne traffic control and says there is an unidentified aircraft following him at 4,500ft. Federick describes as the aircraft as shiny, with 4 bright lights shining on him, as well as a green light. They radioed back asking for more information on the aircraft and he was heard saying “it’s not an aircraft”, before a loud metallic scraping sound was heard and then all contact with Fred’s flight was lost.

The mystery continues to this day, with UFO enthusiasts confident that Frederick was abducted. A farmer in the area at the time alleges that he took a photo (pictured below) of an unidentified object in the sky that was hovering over his farm.

What do you think happened? Do you believe in UFOs? We’d love to hear your take!


frederick valentich ufo disappearance


Not So Bon Reviews – The Stanley Hotel

For our Halloween special we’re covering Not So Bon Reviews of one of the creepiest hotels in the world – The Stanley Hotel. This hotel was the inspiration of Steven King’s The Shining and is said to be haunted. Here are some snippets from visitors who were not so impressed:


stanley hotel haunted


The Stanley Amusement Park

If you like fighting your way through tour groups and random people walking the halls, this is the place for you. If, as a registered hotel guest, you like fighting for a parking space with the tour groups, this is the place for you…..

You can understand why Stephen King had nightmares at this Hotel

My spouse and I recently spent two nights at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. I had nightmares both nights, not because of “The Shining,” but because the room was exceptionally hot (no air-conditioning) and noisy.


qatar airways infant baby

Qatar Airport Investigation

In early October an infant baby girl was found abandoned in an airport bathroom in Doha. The baby was recovered and is doing fine, but Qatar airways launched an immediate investigation to find the mother. They rounded up female passengers from 10 different flights, including 18 women on a flight to Sydney and strip searched them. These women were pulled off their flights and examined in an ambulance on the tarmac. The women were given no explanation and they were invasively searched. Yikes! Read the full story here: Abandoned Baby Found In Qatar Airport.

61 – Miserable Machu Picchu and the Motorcycle Mishap


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Welcome back to another episode of Not So Bon Voyage! If you’re new here, welcome! We’ve got another set of wild travel stories this week, but first, we’ve got some homework for you! If you’ve been listening to and enjoying the podcast, we’d LOVE for you to tell a friend about it. Or a neighbor! Or the cashier at your local Safeway! Word of mouth is the best way for our podcast to grow and we rely on our dear Voyagers to help us out. If you do tell a friend (or a cashier!) let us know and we’ll shout you out on the next podcast. And if you send us a selfie with the person you told (masked up of course!) we’ll share it on our Instagram. And now on to the show…


vietnam motorbike accident


The Vietnam Motorbike Accident

We’re kicking off this week’s episode with a Voyager submission from a new listener named Jake (check him out on Instagram @jakethetraveller93). His submission is a story from back in early 2015 when he was 21. He’d never traveled outside the UK, in fact he’d never been on a plane before! Jake took the leap and booked a one way flight to Southeast Asia for a solo backpacking trip. Like many travelers in Southeast Asia, he learns how to ride a motorbike while in Laos. He gets pretty into it and decides to buy a motorbike in Ho Chi Minh to travel by bike around Vietnam. Unfortunately when he attempts the Ho Chi Minh West Trail from Phong Nha to Khe Sanh, things get a little hairy and he learns a lesson in self reliance, resilience and always carrying an extra pair of boxers.


machu picchu reopens

Machu Picchu Reopening To A Crowd Of…. One!

This is the story of 26 year old Japanese tourist, Jesse Katayama, who has been stranded in Peru since lockdown. He came to Peru to visit Machu Picchu in March but the day he was planning on visiting the park, it shut down. Jesse got stuck in Aguas Calientes (the town just outside Machu Picchu) during quarantine. He’s been there since March teaching local kids boxing lessons. And now his patience has paid off because Jesse was invited by the Peruvian government for a private tour of Machu Picchu. Lucky ducks! Read Jesse’s full story here: Machu Picchu Opens For Single Tourist.


machu picchu reopening

Not So Bon Reviews

Finally, we wrap up today’s episode with bad reviews of Machu Picchu. Turns out, not everyone was as stoked as Jesse Katayama to visit this famous landmark. It may be one of the seven wonders of the world, but not everyone is impressed!

Here are some snippets:

“Most overrated place on Earth”

Was a long walk getting there and all it was is a bunch of rocks. I expected more from a 5* trip advisor rating.”

As with a dentist appointment, a visit to Machu Picchu….. is a necessary, but not particular pleasant, experience.”

Ep. 60 Colby Coombs, Mount Foraker and the Alaska Avalanche


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Fresh off some local California travel to Pismo Beach, we’re pumped up to bring you another riveting travel misadventure. This week we’re back on the icy slopes with a crazy travel story about mountain climbers and avalanches in Alaska. Travel mishaps while ice climbing have been a bit of a reoccurring theme for the Not So Bon Voyage podcast, so if you’re looking for more wild stories be sure to check out the Ice Cave Rescue episode and the Crystal Meth Snowboard Survival episode.


Baby Born on Plane in India

It’s happened again! Yet another baby has been born on a plane in India. Flying at 32 weeks, the mother was sure this three hour flight would be a breeze. But an hour into the flight like baby had another idea. Thankfully a doctor was onboard (when aren’t they?!) and the baby was born to the applause of all on plane. And hey, the cabin crew even got into mix with an action shot. Is it just us, or is it weird that the cabin crew are posing with this woman’s newborn baby?


baby born on flight


Weird Travel News

This week we also introduce a new section to the podcast called Weird Travel News. With travel news being a little limited at the moment we wanted to take a look at some of the weird and wacky things people are doing in its place. Flights to nowhere and staged airport experiences are just the start of it, as people all around the world are trying to fill the travel void.

This week we head to Japan to find out that theme parks are renting out their space for office workers. And get this, you can even rent out a spot of the ferris wheel for an hour, fully equipped with wifi and office supplies, to get your work done! Would you?


Colby Coombs Mount Foraker


Colby Coombs Mount Foraker Experience

For our main story he head to Alaska to tell the terrifying ordeal of Colby Coombs and his climbing buddies. The three experienced climbers set out to scale the icy Mount Foraker in Alaska, but only one of them returned. Listen in to hear all about how far someone is willing to push themselves to survive. Shout out to this Backpacker article that listed a lot of great information on the story.

And for those looking to experience the thrill of climbing in Alaska, check out the Alaska Mountaineering School, founded by Colby Coombs, for information on expeditions and training.