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Welcome to Not So Bon Voyage, a travel podcast all about when shit goes wrong on the road. Each week, join travel experts Jules and Christine as they tell each other all the juicy details of the world’s most famous travel misadventures.


Crazy Travel Stories: Our Favorite From 1 Year of Not So Bon Voyage

September 21, 2020

Come on a trip down memory lane with us as we celebrate our 1 year podcasting anniversary by revisiting our favorite crazy travel stories!

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57 – Two Crashes and a Mugging: Voyager Chat with Lucy Ruthnum

September 14, 2020

On this Voyager Chat, we talked to travel blogger Lucy Ruthnum about her chalellenging experience traveling from Vietnam to Cambodia by bus!

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56 – Glen Heggstad: Colombian Hostage Takes on an Army

September 1, 2020

On this week’s episode we tell the amazing true story of motorcyclist Glen Heggstad Colombian hostage that used his wits to escape.

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