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Welcome to Not So Bon Voyage, a travel podcast all about when shit goes wrong on the road. Each week, join travel experts Jules and Christine as they tell each other all the juicy details of the world’s most famous travel misadventures.


47 – Tripping on Frog Poison in the Amazon with Mike Corey

July 9, 2020

This week’s voyager chat is all about the Kambo experience ritual! Mike Corey gives us all the juicy details of his wild experience in the Amazon.

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46 – Wildlife Attacks On The Elderly and The Lost Hiker In Nepal

July 6, 2020

On today’s episode we chat about yet another Yellowstone bison attack, this time on an elderly lady, as well as more COVID cruise drama and much more!

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45 – Pre-Paying For Your Funeral and Falling Down the Grand Canyon

June 29, 2020

From the $3000 Cambodia travel deposit to accidents in Grand Canyon, we’re covering all the latest travel and tourism news from last week.

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